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Welcome to my Regency romance world

Hello there! I'm Ebony Oaten and I write sweet and spicy Regency romances.    

I also co-ordinate and publish anthologies, which are so much fun!

playing to win!

Duke Around And Find Out is book one in a new connected series called Playing To Win. 

Wallflower Thomasina Burke is all too happy to entertain Lord Taunton during an otherwise dull season, with a series of increasingly bold wagers to add a little spice to the evenings.

There’s no harm, and no likelihood of them making a firm attachment.

Alas, a terrible accident catapults Taunton into new responsibilities - he’s now a duke, and way out of Thomasina’s league.

But Taunton has other ideas about what it means to be a duke, and what it means to have courage. After all, love is worth raising the stakes.

This novella was first published in the multi-author anthology, I Like Big Dukes And I Cannot Lie.


How The Rake Stole Christmas

A fabulous series of stand-alone steamy Regency novellas, to buy or read free on KU.
Start reading from December 1, and read a new novella every day!
Love For Maui

Ending soon

CHarity Anthology

Click Here to buy love for maui

Pre-order now for a November 15 release. This is a romance charity anthology packed with short stories and novellas to raise money for Maui. Everyone involved is donating their stories and time. All royalties earned from the sale of this book will go to UHF - The University of Hawai'i Foundation. This is a respected organisation that has been working for decades to assist all citizens of Hawai'i. UHF is co-ordinating and delivering thousands of meals per day for people affected by the horrific fires in early August 2023.

The romances in Love For Maui are sorted by genre and heat level.

Inside this incredible collection are contemporary romances, historical romances, science fiction romances, suspense and more.

Available from multiple bookstores, so pick your favourite.

Miss Remington's Steely Resolve audio cover

Audio - at last!

Miss Remington's Steely Resolve is properly in audio.
It has taken me a while to get this sorted. I have collaborated with Catherine Bilson, who is a fabulous writer and narrator, and a pretty good friend by this point. Catherine and I team up at the RWAustralia conference each year now and plot future adventures. 
I am delighted with the recording of this, and the feedback I've had so far has prompted me to write further adventures set around the north of Wales and the Menai 'river' (which is actually an estuary, but let's not quibble). I can't wait to rescue a character from 'The Swellies' there.

Miss Remington is a sweet Regency novella, so even if 'something' does happen, it's not referred to on the page.

Stay tuned for further news, and more collaborations with Catherine.

Miss Remington's Steely Resolve audio cover

Another audio book

A Swain for Miss Penhurst is now an audio book.

Once again, I have collaborated with Catherine Bilson. who has done a marvellous job of the voices and accents.

Here is a selection of anthologies and stand-alones that are available now. Happy Reading!

There's Something About Miss Mary


Join my reading community and get a free SPICY Regency romance novella:

There's Something About Miss Mary

Book one in the spicy Regency Romps series

Risqué Business

How The Rake Stole Christmas series

Risqué Business

My upcoming contribution for a multi-author spicy Regency set selling for $2.99 each or free to read in Kindle Unlimited. Launching December 1, 2023.

The Regency Abduction Club

Nine brand-new SPICY Regency romance novellas in one anthology. Features my novella, Romancing The Stone Cold Rogue.

The Regency Abduction Club

$4.99 or free to read in Kindle Unlimited

Other STEAMY Anthologies

The Regents Menagerie Volume 2

This is a sneak peek, the cover is not final.

The Regent's Menagerie Volume 2 (and yes, Volume 1 will be the sweet set) features your favourite authors with fun Regency rom-com novellas. The Prince Regent is in a bad mood and is punishing his 'friends' with animals from his various collections. 

Mayhem and romance will ensue. 


These are my 'sweeties' where there is kissing described on the page. If anything else happens it is behind closed doors. They can be read in any order as they are all stand-alone novellas

Marquess and Tell


Join my reading community and get a free SWEET Regency romance novella:


The newly-minted Marquess of Hadlow thought the campaign against Napoleon was risky, but nothing could prepare him for the onslaught of debutantes arriving at his door with marriage on their minds. 

Feth The Earl

Fetch The Earl

In the beating of a judge’s gavel, Miss Anne Sloane becomes the daughter of an Earl. Her first marriage proposal arrives immediately.
It's more of a demand than a proposal ... and it’s not even signed!
As Anne unravels the mystery behind these rude demands-disguised-as-proposals, she finds herself falling for the most unsuitable man imaginable.

Miss Remington's Steely Resolve

Miss remington's steely resolve

Ladies of the quality do not engage in anything approaching trade.
Unless they have the camouflage of a widowed aunt to be the face of an enterprise, and grant it respectability.
Amelia Remington believes that she will continue as she has been, helping others find the perfect match, and never marrying herself.
Her belief is challenged by a most unusual customer, and a series of events which begin to unravel everything she has built for herself.
Can she trust the solution she is offered?
Or is love too much to risk?

A Swain For Miss Penhurst

A Swain For Miss Penhurst

Caroline Penhurst grows the best turnips in Swain Cove. They are perfect for concealing the smaller items of the town’s main trade - smuggled goods. When a handsome stranger wearing the King’s uniform arrives on her allotment one rainy morning, it falls to Caroline to discern his true intentions. Constant vigilance has protected the town, and Caroline has no intention of letting her people down. Alas, he’s so charming and intriguing, this proves harder than first thought. Caroline’s had her heart broken by a man in scarlet before. How can she protect herself from further pain? 

Five Unsuitable Suitors

Five Unsuitable Suitors

You noticed (because you're so clever) there are only four Unsuitable Suitors novellas listed above, but this box set on the left contains FIVE novellas. Yes, it's a bundle of books for a very special price, with five novellas for added value. 

It's only $2.99 Au, which is in Australian money. That's barely $2 US !
If you click here, you'll be taken to an exclusive sales page that I've set up, that's only for my reading community. 

Why have I done this? Selling directly to readers means I can offer a better price AND keep more of the royalties. Everybody wins!

Regengy romps

These are the spicy ones that leave very little to the imagination. 

Weekend at baron E's

A stand-alone story - I've taken this one down from sale temporarily, so that it can be exclusive to the Love for Maui anthology.  

Scandalous charlotte

Why yes, I am having far too much fun with Desire Pro font! This is a sequel, of sorts, to Miss Mary, as it involves Mary's cousin Charlotte getting her happy ending.

My services


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Excellent question. There are several print options - Amazon and Ingram Spark are very convenient for the most common 'trim sizes' of novels. Ingram Spark will distribute your title to all online stores across the globe, Amazon offers global distribution in their online stores too, for print and ebook. Author print copies can be purchased from either operator.

If your book project is a different trim size - such as the two images below, which will be A4 portrait orientation - I recommend BookVault in the UK,  which will print a range of sizes and orientations. 

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